Research and restoration

For two hundered years silent monks lived here, their spiritual riches are still waiting to be processed and reviewed. Archaeological research, which started in 1983 by renowned archaeologists and historians Michal Slivka, Martin Homza, Belo Pola and many more, brought new knowledge about Kláštorisko.

  • Kláštorisko is unique in Slovakia: it is the oldest Carthusian medieval monument; highest placed monastic object and one of the largest ceramic Gothic tiles sites in Central Europe.
  • Research uncovered 13 damaged tile stoves.
  • A rich collection of tiles with different motives (around 200 motives), it is the largest collection in Slovakia.
  • In one newly built building was uncovered also a heating system – hypocaustum, with furnace under the floor and with hot air ducts.
  • Window and door jambs, corners, ribs and studs, window tracery, stair pieces in the sacristy and embossed blocks were also preserved.
  • In the nearby area a visitor can see remainings of pond embankment (15th century), water sources (st. Bruno), ground walls (original fortification of the castle), drivings for carriege’s wheels on the roads and renovated Gothic bridge to Letanovce.
  • Torso of a nearby chapel from 15th century is now symbolic cemetery for victims of Slovak Paradise.

Goal for now is to save uncovered walls, so they can serve for tourists. In the future there is a plan to rehabilitate the place which will reduce number of visitors. A collection of tiles, craft and artistics findings from workshops requires an exhibition which our organisation is trying to establish. Contributions from visitors, volunteers and sponsorships are helping us to achieve our goals.