Kláštorisko (760 mamsl) is archeopark and touristic centre in the heart of Slovak Paradise.

In the middle of canyons, gorges, caves and streams is located a ruin of a monastery from the beginning of the 14th century. A man always found his permanent or temporary residence here since prehistoric times. In the 13th century Klášotirsko saved citizens of nearby cities and villages from attacks of Tatars. By the Articles of association of a monastery (12th December 1299) on “Skala útočišťa (The Rock of Refuge)” begins more than 250 years of operation of the silent Carthusian order. They named this place “Raj (Paradise)” and this name stayed until nowadays.

The monastery is constantly renovated since 1983 every summer by many volunteers from all around the Europe. Everyone can help us, just visit our page for volunteers. Indulgence festivities, commemoration, culture and science events take place at the end of August every year.

Kláštorisko is also a crossing of many tourist trails. You can get here from Čingov through Tomášovský výhľad, from Podlesok through Suchá Belá, Kyseľ, or Prielom Hornádu gorges, or practically from every corner of Slovak Paradise. Below is a map of a Kláštorisko location.